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Summer nights in Baja! 


Who am I?

Hola, I’m Luis Fernando. You can call me Luis “El Come Rico”. I am a native of San Diego, and like many other Mexican-Americans in the region, I am a child of both sides of the border. My family is from the interior of Mexico, and met though way of Tijuana, Mexico.  My primary home is San Diego, but Tijuana/Rosarito is also my home. 
I would not consider myself a foodie, but throughout the years, I have been known to be the guy “que le gusta comer rico”. I took it as a compliment because it is better to be called a “Come Rico”, rather than a Gordo.

Where I am from...

I was born and raised in Barrio Logan, San Diego. It is a hidden gem in southeast San Diego and a hub for great food. Some places have come and gone, but the memories of the old diners / tortillerias remain. Who remembers Porkyland and the delicious tortillas de harina? My mom would send me to the store before dinner to grab a package right from the grill. Or the Panchitas Panaderia where we would get my favorite pan dulce, gusano de pina? I can still taste it now.

I have had the privilege to travel the world and one key thing we all share is that we all have to eat. I have gotten to know many great cultures through their dishes and interacting with people. I am amazed on how we all react when we taste something deeply delicious, and express our gratitude and happiness with others from all walks of life. From my first experience, leaving San Diego to attend University and meeting people that are now my lifetime friends, of sharing a dish that was new to me and enjoying a family dinner with people from different parts of the world. Some of the life lessons, I have gained have all been experienced while having breakfast/lunch/dinner with people. From my college years to present day, I keep this way of living… getting to know a culture through eating. 

About my Blog
I created the #ElCOMERICO blog/hashtag as an outlet to share my experiences with the world and to connect with new amigos from all over the world. This blog will help me document my adventures as I travel and eat my way around the world . I would consider myself a fearless eater trying exotic things like, silkworms, roaches and crickets. I would like to meet like minded people that are open to adventure eating! To me, #ElCOMERICO is a lifestyle that includes traveling, eating, and meeting new people. 

Since this blogging world is new to me, My writing will be raw and might not make that much sense in the beginning. I hope to become a better witter and eventually write a book about my adventures. 

I have a few projects I am a part of, check them out on my Projects page


Cancel your plans! You are coming to Mexico with me!

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