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A unique experience of Baja's Food and Wine culture.

MEXIVINO is for those who believe that every great experience should leave you inspired and delighted. Our intimate wine and culinary excursions are an introduction to the beauty of Baja, Mexico -- its distinct culture, breathtaking landscapes, delicious food, and innovative wines. 

This is one of my well known projects and its been an amazing to see how much the Baja wine and food culture has changed since the late 90's. Come and enjoy Baja, through the lens of ElComeRico through Mexivino.

Website: mexivino.com 


Wine tasting at the famous Bar Bura @ Cuatro Cuatros.

Wine tasting at the famous Bar Bura @ Cuatro Cuatros.

Friday night #xolos game in Tijuana.

Friday night #xolos game in Tijuana.



BajaEats is all about the local street food, Anual beer/art events and Xolos matches. 

I have always had the pleasure to host amigos that like to follow my adventures to Baja. With BajaEats, I have opened the door to everyone to experience Baja as a local. This is a fun project and its great to visit the hole-in-the wall street vendors with a group of guests. 

Website: bajaeats.com


Tacomigos is a one-of-a-kind traveling pop-up adventure eating club. The founding members are an adventurers in soul.  

Website: tacomigos

Tacomigos back in 2015

Tacomigos back in 2015


Veni, Vidi, Mangia.

/  That feeling after a spectacular dinner and too many bottles of wine  /